The Fourth Estate is a reference to a Free Press.

The Press (Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and others) played a vital role in the American Revolution. Later the American Press was instrumental in wading through the propaganda from our enemies and wayward political leaders by shining a bright spotlight on injustices around the world --- World Wars, Regional and Local Conflicts, Genocide, Apartheid, Holocaust, Killing Fields and many other atrocities.

The National Media is now the "Fifth Column". A Fifth Column refers to any institution of Trust which aligns itself with those who govern the people. Through this unholy allegiance the Press becomes another Branch of Government.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! -- CNN, MSNBC, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, ABC, NBC AND FOX NEWS are FIFTH COLUMNS. The fact they are conducting and controlling the presidential debates should frighten all Americans. Besides becoming Multi-Millionaires, many of them either worked for powerful political operatives or are waiting in line to become their mouthpieces.

Do your homework.

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