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After College and a Career in computers, the Lebanon, Tn. native Alphonso Ashworth knew the "humdrum life" was not for him. Raised in a single parent home by an invalid mother that instilled in him a "you can do it" attitude, he meets challenges with an intense, voracious appetite and defeat isn't used in his vocabulary.

Through adversity and against all odds, he began a journey to becoming a successful business man at the early age of 24. As a photo lab owner for more than 30 years, he became a well known photographer and videographer. With much experience and knowledge he set in motion Light Vision Art: The Educated Eye. This brand allows him teach a new generation on the fine art of painting with light. Work and teaching took most of his time, yet there was still a yearning for more fulfillment. Although being a fisherman and a musician, those pursuits wouldn't supersede other goals he continued to seek.


Alphonso is an author of seven published novels, with many more to come. Presently he is a guest host on a national radio show and an active member in Rotary International.

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