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Federal or States?


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Many Americans seem confused when ask which entity should carry more of the burden when governing “we the people”: The State or The Federal government? Okay Civic students what’s your thought on this matter?

Let me put my two cents in. Primarily States rights start where Federal Rights stop. In other words the States cannot override the US Constitution. With this being understood States can institute laws that avoid violating Constitutional Rights. That's a very fine tightrope to walk across. A good example is Abortion. In recent times some States have passed laws which makes it very difficult for abortion clinics to operate, whereas other States create laws which allows abortion clinics to operate without many restrictions.

Hmm. Federally its the constitution. We are a Untied republic and the constitution should run supreme. It is why I have never been sure why some of these states get to go after the 2nd ammendment the way they do and start prohibiting aspects. Federal govt should also act as the parent when states or territories ignore it. Having said all that, out of the scope of the constitution states have a right to self govern( abortion marijuana etc) and they have the right to secede if they do not want to be part of the republic ( to my understanding). I believe like people, states get too dependent on the Feds. The water gets muddied a lot. Example Katrina. The feds cannot come unless the governor asks/invites. Bush took the heat for that and shouldn't have. She said no thank you. Added to that there is a law that says a state should be able to substain itself for 72 hours without aid from the feds. I feel like the states should be carrying the burden. They are the ones supposedly listening and then speaking for us in Washington. Waters definitely get muddied and you are right its a tightrope.

Very well stated. The waters do get rather murky. The situation in the inner cities are just one example of poorly run states that now want federal taxes dollars to bail them out. And guess what during an election cycle they will get what they want. The House will introduce a huge bail out like the automotive industry and housing market received. What do we get in return, more corrupt politicians. Ugh!! Hope others respond.

I shared this on social media. I hope some of the so called Gun Control nuts come on here. I am going to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I think our forefathers were brilliant but I really think they missed a boat with not implementing term limits. At that time Senators were appointed and I feel that they placed too much trust in American voters. I think they thought that would limit terms. It certainly should. In 1947 when term limits for presidents came about and by then Senators were elected it should have become an ammendment that all had term limits not just the office if the presidency.

Remember to, they were Statesmen and had no desire to stay for years. They had lives back home. Plus the trips were more dangerous. Disease and Indians to contend with as well.

All true and why I feel very strongly with the ammendment of the President it should have included the senators and reps.

I agree. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to amend the Constitution. As it should be. The best term limit we can get is vote their sorry arses out.

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  • WHEN AMERICAN PREACHERS PREACHED POLITICS, RESISTED TYRANNY, AND FOUNDED A BIBLICAL NATION Our problem today is that the American preachers have abandoned preaching the fullness of Christ which was commanded by Christ to teach the world all of His commandments. The Great Commission includes speaking truth to the public which includes calling out rulers, governments, laws, abuse, and to demand justice and liberty. Therein lies the difference between 17th Century preaching and today's preaching. Preachers of the 17th Century taught about the blessings of good government, good laws, and the wonderful blessings of liberty. The most fundamental principle of the American constitutional system is that no one is bound to obey an unconstitutional act. This was taught repeatedly before 1763. They taught that government must obey law and that those who resisted authority advocating unjust laws were not rebels but were simply protectors of the law. My belief is that no one can fully understand the American Revolution and the constitutional system unless you study the sermons preached in that time. Today, much of what We call "Christian America" is actually progressive Imperialism which is CINO,(Christian in Name Only). They rarely if ever cite the Bible to confirm political/ social policies. Today. there ls a huge gap between Sunday School lessons _ and any comprehensive application of Biblical ideals to society. What's the difference between preaching today and those of that early era? Those preachers drew their beliefs from the Bible, and they preached political speeches both within and outside the church building. They believed that the authority of government came from God and application of God's law. There was no conflict between divine and natural law. These men held the Bible in high esteem and applied every facet of their life whether it be daily living, politics, or government based on God's Word. They required their governing officials to be ardent Christians of students of the Bible. They taught that all maxims and rules for government and natural law could be found in God's inerrant word. Rulers also needed to understand the Constitution and Civil Law so that people's rights were not violated. Think back to Jewish limes and remember how the rulers were instructed to write down and remember the law and keep it in in their hearts. l‘m reminded of Gideon who tirelessly reminded the people of all God had done for the Israelite's and how they were to keep it in constant memory. Preachers of that time preached specific principles with real world consequences including armed resistance and civil disobedience when necessary to do so. They taught that governments not based on God's Word were nothing but tyrannies.One preacher in particular. James Cogwell taught. "Live is to be free... When our Religion is in danger. it will warrant our engaging tn war. Religion is a treasure never to be parted with...We fight for our Properties. our Liberties, our Religion, and our Lives.” Christianity was not confined to the building. Rather, it was to be upheld in one's daily life. In the defense of liberty, Liberty was always mentioned In their sermons. They did not fear legislation like our preachers of today. James Emerson boldly proclaimed a political victory over the Stamp Act. Jonas Clark routinely discussed biblical principles for natural rights and liberty and also attacked the Stamp Act for on those rights.The foundations were laid in the minds and hearts of the colonials a generation before the war because of their tireless preaching. (Imagine hearing a sermon in the pulpit today that discusses the evils of our laws) Thus, when the tyrants encroached upon their liberties, the people recognized it immediately. When the British marched toward Lexington and Concord to take their weapons and ammo, the Revolution began. Thank the preachers who had lit the fire in the colonials' hearts and taught them a fierce love for liberty. Ministers served and sometimes led in that war. Many preached in the pulpits with muskets loaded by their side or financially financed the war from their meager salaries. As a result of these preachers, that is why we have the marvelous document today called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The framers of the Constitution had sat at the feet of these men who cared deeply about biblical principles, morals, and values. and it had been well taught to them. Even after the Revolution, their preaching continued in the vigilance of righteousness. They used every outlet open to them: town hall meetings, public venues, newspapers, & pamphlets, They faithfully proclaimed the whole counsel of God in every phase of colonials' lives. Compare today's preaching with theirs. It pales in comparison. Most preachers of today have censored and silenced themselves by not preaching politics. They have turned away from our 3 cornerstones of what made America great... family, church, and state.What are we willing to fight for today? Will our preachers ever teach the doctrines of government, liberty, and God's Law? Where are tracts concerning taxes. tyranny, and our honorable Constitution and Bill of Rights? Preachers of the Pre/Revolution spoke out and some died to fight tyranny.Where are the preachers of today who would dare speak out against warrant-less wire taps, drone strikes, civil forfeiture, or other usurpation of liberties. They don't even speak out against abortion, gambling, or homosexuality! As a result, we have dumb uninformed people. If we are ever to return to liberty, it must be through the pulpit with biblical authority for everything we practice plus actively following all of Christ’s commandments. ---Sherrie Orange The Providence of God ~ What is providence? It is the idea that God is using world events, including the affairs of men. to bring about His will for the benefit of mankind. Example: Gen. 5:20, where Joseph told his brothers,” But as for you, ye thought evil against me. but God meant it for good, to bring to pass, as this day, to save much people alive.” Though God is at work behind the scenes. providence does not over rule man's free will."( Gen. 45:5) The book of Daniels shows many examples of God's providence for His servants and also how evil empires are used to bring about His will for the saints. It shows how God is involved in the lives of His people. 1. Daniel's life is spared dining the initial siege of Jerusalem in 606 B.C. God was involved in this invasion. Daniel 1:2 reveals, "the Lord gave Jehoikim. king of Judah. into his hand." God's providential hand spared Daniel's life. 2. Daniel was promoted to a position of great power and influence in the Babylonian empire.How did he manage to do this even though he would not defile himself with the wine and meat and yet not offend the king? Daniel found favor with the chief. This was providence(Dan. 1:9). 3. Daniel and his 3 friends were protected by God and given great learning and wisdom. Daniel had been given understanding of dreams. When the King decided to destroy all wise men. because they couldn't interpret his dream, Daniel was able to do so and gave the praise to God. Providence at work to spare the lives of these great servants of God; and even exalt them. In all these events, God was working behind the scenes to accomplish His purpose. Anyone who misses this point has missed an Important truth in the Book of Daniel. God still works providentially today for His saints. Knowing this, should give strength and hope to Christians. ...Doug Hoff, McMinnville, Tennessee
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